MapQuest (Single) (unmastered)

by N Pa and Skyy Royal

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MapQuest is the second official single from my forthcoming Alternative Hip-Hop/Electronic album "Unorthodox".


Now what is death
Nothing more than our perception of reality just coming down to an end
Which brings forth
A brand new meaning
A brand new beginning
No more dread, no more sinning
No more getting wasted, no more Charlie Sheen "Winning"
Just livin' in a different state
Cause we're all energy at end of the day
And most people can't believe that

Now best believe
We're supposed to fly
Now fly to heavens
Supposed to fly to the heavens
We're supposed to fly to heavens

Now best believe
We're all supposed to fly
Now fly to heavens (x3)

You do not have to believe in a higher power
It shapes your reality regardless of how you feel (how you feel)
Now life is an extreme and everyday we bring forth new ways of trying to survive
The human experience is a conscious one
but seems like we're losing our way down the road
FREEDOM is not free, now we're being taken for granted
And this life is being taken for granted



released April 20, 2013
Lyrics and Vocals: Skyy Royal

Where The Silence Has Lease - Star Trek: The Next Generation



all rights reserved


N Pa

Electronic artist and producer/song-writer.

"The Ghost Within: The Tale of Turmoil" and "Unorthodox - EP" out now.

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